The Use of Radio-Frequency Identification Technology

The RFID technology has become one of the primary technologies utilized by different firms to enhance their operations and provide better results because of the incorporation of new methods to their operation. Additionally, the growth of the technology is also influenced by the growing demands regarding the quality of the supplied goods and services.

In this respect using RFID technology could lead to the transformation of the operations of a business based on the most recent trends that promote the improvement of a business’s image as well as reducing the amount of money that are incurred on outdated methods and equipment. Additionally, the acclaim of RFID can be attributed to numerous examples from real life that demonstrate the positive effects that this technology could bring to the company’s performance of the company. When discussing the use of RFID for an individual business (YRC Worldwide) it is also possible to identify some of the major issues related to the subject.

First, the application of technology can provide many opportunities for further development of the business. This fact is proven through numerous research studies on the topic. For example, Smith, Gleim, Robinson, Kettinger, Park (2013) declare that “the technology could increase the efficiency of an organization and help in the development of innovative business strategies” (p. 60). It implies that the use of RFID for the operations of any organization such as YRC Worldwide will obviously bring some advantages and will also contribute to the rapid growth of income.

Additionally, the new possibilities for the business that await it with RFID might be considered to be more appealing since they can provide better results. That’s why additional study of the possibilities of the application of RFID is necessary to establish a solid foundation which will prove the beneficial nature of the new strategy.

Additionally, a number of scientists believe that using RFID technology could enhance the speed of delivery of various items and help ensure the proper destination for crucial or costly cargoes (Namen and al. 2014). This fact clearly affects the perception of RFID technology and helps to promote its adoption by tracking companies , who are trying to improve their effectiveness.

Furthermore, the opportunities that are provided by the technology-driven strategy could lead to the major change process which will lead to a reconsideration of conventional approaches. This could mean the development of a new business model that entails the use of technology like RFID. Modern businesses recognize the immense potential of this particular procedure that could lead to the creation of new techniques and tools. This is why a major firm such as YRC Worldwide should initiate the application of technology in order to take on the current challenges.

However, Mo and Pearson (2011) have also stated that there are a myriad of technologies have been suggested to address the issue of movement of goods, there are many issues with regards to cost, accuracy, as well as installation. In this respect, RFID could help over come these issues and enhance the process of tracking and tracking. Therefore, firms that are involved in distribution, delivery, or transport of different goods or cargos might gain from the introduction using RFID technology.

The attractive nature of this device is determined by its capacity to read large numbers of different vehicles and process a huge amount of data. These characteristics boost the development of the use of RFID and help to increase its expansion. In addition, RFID technology can be utilized to reduce costs since it is able to perform different tasks with no further investment. This is the reason why a business such as YRC Worldwide could use RFID for crisis situations to ensure stability and high earnings.

But, the use of RFID can cause a different issue that concerns the ethical aspect of relationships between companies and customers. One of the reasons for this is that fact can be stated that “many customers have expressed concerns over the intrusion of their privacy or the misuse of personal information” (Smith and co. 2013, p.85) that can be uncovered through the use of the latest technology.

Many customers have a negative view of the possibility of implementing RFID and the consequences of its use. However it is true that in most instances, these ideas come from an uninformed view of the technology and the absence of details regarding the fundamental characteristics of the operation of RFID. The majority of people believe that their movements will be traced by the use of RFID technology. However, the use of RFID by businesses such as YRC Worldwide and the increased effectiveness could improve its image and support its continued growth popularity.

The positive effects of the use of RFID technology to enhance effectiveness and ensure better results can be proven by numerous studies that demonstrate the benefits of this new technology as well as its positive effects. Furthermore, the research confirms the fact that YRC Worldwide and other companies that provide transportation and shipping services may benefit from the incorporation of RFID technology into their operations.

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