Technology for Human Capability Development

Technology is a key element of both developed and developing communities, which focuses on the creation of advanced advances in the fields of neuroscience, computing and biotechnology. It promises to revolutionize our world for the betterment of all and increase accessibility to all people through an improvement in character as more advanced and better methods are created to make it easier for people to working. Innovations allow for a smooth functioning of our society that has both positive and negative effects on our individual thinking and the freedom. They alter the way we think and performs different actions. Innovation is the dominant factor in transport, industrialization and security These changes have helped to simplify the process of work by allowing greater efficiency in time. The principal goal of Technology is to encourage the freedom of individuals and to foster a critical mind that is focused on an intelligent and compassionate society. But the current trend shows the technology as an instrument in charge of controlling the social environment as well as critical thought.

Defines who we are. We may be under a heightened threat from ever-growing technology. Many aspects of how we act and what we do, are altering with the evolution of technology. “although they don’t dictate values, technological analyses and achievements have a profound impact on social philosophies” (Hanks 2013). But, this issue could alter how we interact to others and change the things that make us happy and alter our capacity to reach our maximum capabilities as people. This is discussed as one fact that demonstrates that the most delicate part of our body is in danger due to the technological advancements that are to be taking over more of its duties.

Philosophers have connected brain development with the environment around it. The research also suggests that human brains grow and evolve depending on external stimuli.

Technology restricts the mind’s ability to think in creativity, imagination, and even creativity in a subtle, unnoticed way. Because of our dependence on it to entertain ourselves and entertainment, we are not able to express our creativity since we believe that the applications that are available on your devices “awesome”. If we are dependent on these available apps our imaginations and creative abilities aren’t uncovered because different websites offer the same features we desire. This can have a negative effect on our thinking as our minds know that we have everything we need at any time we require they.

Technology can have a negative impact on the developing mind since it can create a gap between the individual and real world. The possibility of a new and delightful music to an infant listening to an iPod is attractive. However, this method of listening to music can exclude people from experiencing real-world challenges and experiences that creates the creation of a community with half-baked skills because of lack of experience. Researchers have linked human development to experiences that are new and relationships with others consequently, any activity that isolates a person from these elements hinders their growth.

Social skills are vital to the growth and development of thinking for every person. But, research has shown that people who regularly use the internet, spend as much as 100 minutes less time talking with their physical and virtual friends. This, in turn, results in a decrease in personal communication, which is that is responsible for the lack of communication skills across all age groups. In addition, poor communication skills are the reason for feeling stressed, more lonely, and overall bad for physical and mental health.

Everything is being modified to allow us to live more comfortably. This is the primary reason that a majority of us have put off thinking to experts. As opposed to earlier times when people set out to fight new invaders, today due to technological advancements, we depend on a pre-designed solution instead of an being able to think and address several questions. This poses a risk to the development of new ideas because technology is a process that only works on programs discovered by humans.

Technology advancements have changed people from being experimenters and discovery to just researchers. As opposed to the days of where scientists conducted scientific experiments, today , search engines like Google have a negative impact on these methods since you can easily search for an identical experiment on the internet , without following any guidelines. Search engines can be an obstacle to our ability to create and discover innovative ideas.

The effect of technology is contingent on the people making use of it. It is considered to be among the best advancements that has enabled the running of difficult experiments.

Healy, (1998) stated, “Computers won’t make bad teachers into excellent teachers.” But, there are choices in technology reflect significant philosophical differences and causes an impact not just on the subject we teach but also on how you teach it. Technology is merely a means that makes work more adaptable, more simple and more efficient. With the aid of technology that is based on the internet and the internet, we have access to vast amounts of information that allow us to find solutions to a variety of real-world issues. Many calculations that require a lot of time have been simplified by the use computers.

Technology innovations aren’t hindering our ability to think or work, but rather enhancing our capabilities. Thanks to advances in technology, our ability and efficiency have grown. Simple calculations as well as challenging experiments are now possible through the computer program, (Crook, 2015). We, as individuals, must first learn before applying computers to help us overcome our insanity to gain knowledge.

Thanks to the internet the world has transformed into a global village, where all information and experiences are all available on one location. Different researchers conduct research and publish their findings on the internet. This has provided other researches with this information and has boosted the quantity of knowledge we have about the many issues we face in the present.

Unless we wake up to the damaging effect the device filled and pharmaceutically-enhanced 21st century, the general population may be sleepwalking to a tomorrow where there is no difference between people and machines. The advancement of technology can have an adverse effect on normal interactions between people, with the effect of dissociating us from the world surrounding us. Also, it limits physical communication and promotes the concept of instant gratification (Information Resource Management Association & Khosrow-Pour 2000). Individuals must be able to make use of technology while not permitting it to restrict social interactions, particularly for those who are easily influenced into the ever-changing world of technology. The society should, therefore accept technology, but not acknowledge its detrimental effects on brain’s development and the work.

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