Technology and the Effect Technology on International Relations


Invention and innovation in science has raised the standards of integration and relations between nations; reliable and efficient transportation and communication systems play crucial roles in the process of international integration. Globalization has created the need for improved international relations, which facilitates the integration of countries and their interdependence (Croucher 16.).

This paper discusses the impact technology has on international relations.

How does the speed of technological advancement influence the international relationship?

Through the use of technology, various nations have realised the advantages of trading between countries. To ensure long-term and reliable trade, good relations between the trading partners is required. Good international relations are part of international commerce that has to be built, protected and respect by either partner (Morris 34).).

International integration of countries in various ways has led to the diffusion of culture. Culture is re-emerged, there is an increase in the development of an international culture. Global culture is aided by international relationships that are good and, with the present technological advancements and the necessity for interconnectedness in time and space is becoming essential. Social, environmental, and cultural globalization are increasing; they have been supported through sharing information and information between different nations (Morris 12:45).

Technology has led to international socialization methods like television, internet, and international and national radios. one of the factors that led to differences between people is the way they are socialized. With the advancement of technology, the socialization mechanism as well as media have become one and the relationships of people at an personal level have been made easier.

International trade has benefitted by technological advancements that were facilitated by communications transportation, comparative advantage and communication systems. As people trade with one another and there is a greater interaction between individuals, companies and countries. Trade demands the creation of solid international relations frameworks. the trade and government agencies are taking advantage of the opportunity to promote good relations.

The system of education and the requirement for high-quality education has been prompted by the present population growth to the increase in resources. The technology has been improved to assist students from different countries of the world, and also to allow their academic qualifications to be recognized globally, which has helped in fostering an effective international development (Croucher 13.).

Are human beings likely to create global governance institutions?

As more integrations are being made and interdependence between countries there is a good chance that other nations will take similar decisions and institutions of global governance. Governance is not only about the political affiliation of a country, but is a broad term that covers all aspects that contribute to the well-being of humans. Global governance may be gradual, and follows an overall trend in which regions that have urgent issues will be handled globally, whereas those that have dormant consequences.

In recent times there has been a lot of concern about how to preserve the environment. For instance, by implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. countries governed by international organizations has come together to formulate international-respected policies to that achieve that.

Another area in which all over the globe is working on effectively is in the area of law In the Netherlands several nations have agreed to the formation the international court which deals with human rights violations. These steps can be viewed as a slow but effective way of building solid international institutional structures (Morris 133).).


In the near future it is anticipated that the world will be able to resolve its differences and adopt similar governance and policies However, achieving a complete global governance structures will require some time. International Monetary Fund and the World Banks were designed to serve as global institutions who set the policies that govern international trade. In the future, it’s anticipated that more of these institutions will be established as well as supported by the worldwide community.

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