Technologies in Nursing as well as Financing for Governmental Institutions


The application of technology in healthcare has become increasingly crucial. According to a report from Cowen as well as Moorhead (2014) numerous healthcare professionals rely on technology to deal with various health issues. Both nurses and doctors depend on technology to help them to complete their tasks efficiently. In fact there are procedures in medicine that are not possible without the aid of technology. In their research, Ball and Hannah (2012) stated nurses are currently making use of technology to provide high-quality medical care to patients. Technology eases the burden nurses faced, particularly when they were required to do multiple tasks. Technology has made it easier to communicate between nurses and patients as well as between medical professionals. It is highly likely, given the advances in technology in the field of healthcare that doctors and nurses will be relying more on technology to fulfill their duties. But, it’s unfortunate that many of the local hospitals aren’t equipped with the required technology. There are new medical conditions that are emerging and health professionals have to provide the best services. Yet, they can only deliver high-quality services only if they have the latest technology equipment to enhance their expertise and knowledge. It is the responsibility for the state to make sure that the public hospitals of the area are equipped with the latest equipment to help medical personnel to perform their tasks in the best way that they can. In this article the researcher attempts to assess the importance of nursing technology and to determine the best way to convince the government to fund these facilities.

What is the reason for why the Topic was selected?

This subject was chosen due to the increasing importance of technology within the area of nursing. Billings and Halstead (2016) observe that nurses are complaining that attention has been placed on the need to provide nurses with the latest equipment that will enhance their work. But, little focus has been given to technologies specifically designed to facilitate the work of nurses. In the majority of private hospitals across the United States, nurses still need to physically enter the wards to be aware of what’s happening to patients. Some hospitals have introduced devices that allow patients contact nurses in times of need or when they require assistance. But, there is much still to be accomplished to streamline nursing tasks in hospitals that are public. Sometimes nurses are required to work in hazardous environments, such as mental institutions. Nurses in these facilities require security since they could be attacked by patients at any moment. It is essential to have security measures that allow security personnel to supervise these nurses while they are handling patients suffering from mental disorders. These are the principal motives that led the researcher to be convinced that it was necessary to study this area of research.

Current relevance of technology in the field of Healthcare

The technology of today is more crucial in healthcare than it is due to a number of factors. One reason that makes technology so important today is the rise of medical conditions that are new, that are extremely complex. For example, Ebola is a dangerous illness that is easily transmissible. If you are dealing with patients with Ebola person, it is imperative for nurses to utilize advanced technologies to ensure they are safe from the illness. Another reason that technology is essential is the growing number of demanding patients nurses must handle on a regular on a daily basis. The nurses are humans that have emotions, and they are affected by negative feedback from their customers. With the help of modern communication technology, they can easily address the needs of patients who are in the hospital wards. It can reduce complaints and thus motivate the nurses to do their job.

Nurses sometimes have to be multitasking. Technology that allows nurses to be at one location while monitoring patients at a different location is crucial. It ensures that no patient needing emergency treatment is left untreated. Technology also plays a role in aiding the communication between patients and nurses. In the same way that Sankaranarayanan and Sindhu (2012) observe that nursing as a profession is evolving. Nurses are now in situations in which they must make choices in a different way than they did before, when they were thought of as mere aids to doctors. When making choices, it might be required for a nurse to consult with a doctor. The use of technology for communication makes it possible nurses to speak with doctors even when the doctor isn’t on the hospital’s premises. These technologies enhance the care provided by a medical facility to patients.

How technology is integrated into the clinical Practice

Technology is currently fully integrated into the clinical practice. From the moment that a patient enters into a health facility the first thing to be accomplished is to input their information into the system. This is currently done electronically, thanks to advanced technology. Electronic technology also assists to store patient information and removing the need for nurses to needed to spend a lot of time searching for patient’s documents. Billings and Halstead (2016) states that the management of information within hospitals is made easier due to the new technologies. Nursing informatics is among the nursing fields that shows how technology is integrated into the clinical process. Hands-free wireless networks as well as hands-free communications devices are becoming increasingly efficient in the tasks of nurses in modern hospitals.

Technology has also enabled nurses to complete the tasks that were performed by doctors. For example, the use of a the sphygmomanometer allows nurses to monitor the heart rate of patients. Other electronic devices are employed by nurses to assist their job. Mcbride (2015) states that one area that technology has proved to be crucial for nurses is the field of monitoring patients. The capability of nurses to monitor patients remotely means that even when nurses isn’t in the wards they are able to monitor their patients to ensure nothing is going wrong. Wilson (2014) states that should technology be taken away completely nurses would be completely isolated. They depend on technology so heavily that they can’t function without technology. Technology is now an integral aspect of nursing, and that’s the reason it is essential that government provide hospitals with modern equipment that will improve the service.

What information is used in Clinical Practice

Informatics in nursing is now an important field of nursing studies due to the growing importance of clinical information. Based on Cowen as well as Moorhead (2014) the patient’s information should be shared with all medical professionals within a hospital. This is particularly the situation where a patient is in need of the attention from a variety of medical professionals. If a patient has to be transferred to nurses, there should be enough information on the patient to enable nurses to know the procedure to follow. Information is essential in the clinical setting. Patients’ medical conditions should be recorded clearly and relevant to medical personnel who are in charge of the patient. Any tests conducted on the patient as well as other investigations will determine the type of care the patient will receive. Nurses are usually accountable for administering medication while a patient is on the ward. Every mistake made by a nurse, such as prescribing the wrong medication could cause serious injury to the patient. However, such errors can be avoided by having an efficient system for sharing information. Nurses is conscious of the needs of the individual patient each time they attend to them.

How do you lobby the local government for funding

The local government is charged with the obligation to ensure that public hospitals have adequate funds to cover their medical requirements. A majority of these hospitals depend on reimbursements they get from insurance companies, as well as cash payments from patients without insurance. But, these sources are not sufficient. Hospitals require more funds through the state to assist in the improvement of its equipment. Many of the latest equipment for nursing are costly and these hospitals aren’t able to afford it. The best moment to contact the government to get financial aid is in the time of elections near. In this particular community there are many large organizations with a lot of members who have different interests. The political class is interested in collaborating with these members during the election season to ensure they can ensure that they receive their backing. Certain members of these groups are quite influential due to the huge amount of individuals they represent.

It’s easy for leaders of the government to dismiss the request for financial aid from a healthcare institution. But, they cannot afford to ignore the large organizations which are capable of influence the election. Different groups might have different interests based on the individuals they represent, however they all are affected by healthcare issues across the nation. If the society isn’t equipped with a good healthcare , the members suffer. The people who run these organizations always would like to be seen as a champion for the rights of all people in society, and especially those in need. Therefore, they are likely to back the effort to provide our public hospitals. The idea is to get these groups to become part of the team who will push the government to upgrade technology in our community. They will make use of social and mass media and occasionally, they will direct contact with local government offices in order to request for more funds to hospital facilities in the area. The government can’t afford to ignore these groups.


Technology is crucial in the clinical setting and a moment has arrived when the government should be aware of this fact. The technological advancements that are seen in some of the most prestigious private hospitals across the country are required to be replicated in local public hospitals within the community. Nurses must make use of the latest technologies to be able to deliver superior services to patients. The biggest issue that many of local hospitals suffer from is that these advanced technological tools are not available. It is crucial to influence for the state government in order to make sure it provides enough money to provide local hospitals with modern technology.

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